Top 10 PC games 2022

  We offer you  the best 10 games for the computer 2022  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which technical topics are presented on an ongoing basis.

Asphalt 9 game

  • There are about 70 racetracks in many cities around the world. 
  •   A large number of cars mimic the same thing. 
  •   Many cool and very exciting racing modes. 
  •   Exciting multiplayer online races. 
  •   There is also the possibility to modify and upgrade the car. 
  •   Ultra HD graphics and advanced graphics.

Modern Combat 5

  • There are many methods that you can try and try. 
  •   Gorgeous enhanced graphics give you an exciting and fun feel. 
  •   The mechanics of movement and shooting are interesting. 
  •   Large selection of powerful weapons and equipment. 
  •   Different levels of graphics and patterns. 
  •   It's completely free, and there are no fees to install or purchase in the store.

 Striker Zone game

Striker Zone is a great online game with precise controls, good graphics, and many maps, each with different terrains and buildings to explore. Check if you can get as many points as you can in the allotted time!

Code of War game

  • The game includes a large number of powerful and advanced combat weapons that allow the hero to complete the levels of play. 
  •   The possibility of developing existing weapons, in addition to the possibility of developing the player's skills with each victory in each level. 
  •   The game is free. 
  •   Code of War is compatible with all smartphones and all versions of Windows. 
  •   The graphics of the game are of high quality as it offers high definition 3D graphics to give you a realistic experience on the battlefield. 
  •   The game offers a great selection of real battlefields. 
  •   The ability to play alone or in groups with friends around the world.

 GT Racing 2

  • It is small in size and available for free. 
  •   Unique and rich definition, featuring graphics and design. 
  •   We have a large selection of car brands such as Nissan, Dodd and Audi. 
  •   Unparalleled visual and audio effects. 
  •   This includes approximately 13 departments in many countries of the world. 
  •   You can race between beaches, deserts or cities.

"Need for Racing" game

  • Cool and powerful car game available for free 
  •  A group of modern cars to enjoy driving 
  • Carefully and professionally designed roads and maps to make your world amazing 
  • The ability to upgrade and upgrade cars in amazing ways. Inspire your car and make it stronger every time you upgrade part of your car so you can keep going.

Moto Rider GO game  

  • Excellent and high quality 3D graphics and graphics 
  • Prove your skills in challenging challenges and professional races 
  • Choose the right bike among the fastest sports bikes in the world 
  • Test your ability to drive at crazy speeds on busy city streets and even run in reverse 
  • Upgrade your bike's speed and endurance with upgrades 
  •  More than 23 achievements to complete 
  •  unique sites. Urban and suburban areas, snowy areas, desert roads, day and night 
  •  Tons of bike options and upgrades..ka engine upgrade and other improvements to bikes. 
  •  Light and free game. Available on multiple devices (PC / Laptop / Windows Phone / Android / iOS)

Township game

  • Township is completely free and you don't have to pay anything before or after downloading the game to your PC.
  • Township is a light game that works on all computers without extensive or special operating requirements.
  • The towns have shops full of crops, animals, and machinery that you can buy to ensure your farm grows.
  • Farm games is very small in size, so you don't need to make much storage space on your hard drive.
  • Lots of great sounds and visual effects, as well as great graphics that simulate the lively farm atmosphere.
  • Very simple and easy control system that saves players a lot of time and effort to get used to the game control system.
  • City games for PC or village games without emulator can be downloaded and played on your PC.

Commando game

  • Commando 4 is one of those downloadable games for PC that comes in a different way. 
  •   Many missions are waiting for you. 
  •   The game has advanced weapons that can crush the strongest opponents. 
  •   There are many shooting and fighting modes that help you enjoy the game more. 
  •   It also has the advantage of being a free game, against all odds. 
  •   Download Commandos Strike Force for PC in small size for free

Real Chess Online game

  •  advanced 3D graphics; 
  •  Online game with more than 1 million registered users worldwide. 
  • Various themes of chess sets. 
  •  3D and 2D variants 
  •   Both landscape and portrait modes are supported.

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