Great car game for kids DRIVE# for iPhone and Android

 #DRIVE is an endless driving video game inspired by the road and action movies of the 70s. As simple as possible, let the player choose a car, choose a location, and hit the road. Be careful not to hit other things.

In #DRIVE, players drive on endless roads of fast cars and set records. Drive as far as you can and get the most points, avoid other traffic, collect coins and don't forget to refill the fuel supplies at gas stations when your tank is gradually emptying. give me please. The money earned will allow you to purchase a new device, including 20 in total. Also, the player can change the color of the car as per his preference.

Great car game for kids DRIVE# for iPhone and Android


  • Unlock all trucks, cars and skins.
  • Collect coins.
  • Change the color of the car to your liking.
  • 5 new cars have been added.

Download DRIVE# 


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