Top 10 best video editing software for PC 2022

 Video editing software for PC You can create professional video content and video editing. This is because it is not free and offers the best collection of editing software for your PC. 

HitPaw Video Editor

  • What distinguishes it from video editing software is that it offers many visual and audio effects that can be easily installed on your videos.
  • The ability to write on videos in different formats, whether in Arabic or other languages.
  • It also includes lots of stickers, emojis, and shapes.
  • It also provides a series of unique filters to add color and fun to your videos.
  • Save videos in high quality up to 4K. With so many features, you should download and try HitPaw Video Editor, this is the video editing software.
  • Change the video speed according to your needs.
  • It also provides the ability to adjust the lighting and volume.
  • Besides having an accurate timeline makes it easy to navigate through your videos.

 Pinnacle Studio

  • Edit videos on your computer or camera.
  • Combine clips and add audio files to create your own movies.
  • It supports high quality 4K/FHD videos and also supports 3D videos.
  • It supports different video and audio formats as well.
  • We have more than 1000 professional effects that you can add to your clips.
  • Control the audio included in the program by improving its quality or cutting it to fit the clip.
  • Wide range of filters and transitions, including premium effects from NewBlueFX.
  • Professional graphic interface that helps you edit videos smoothly.
  • Enhance scenes in slow or fast motion, or turn key shots into time shots.
  • Record videos from your desktop and webcam to provide tutorials and instructions.
  • The ability to cut parts of the video, edit clips, and add quick effects.


  • With this amazing software, you can easily edit all your videos.
  • One of the easiest things to do and see for yourself is to download, install and use it.
  • The program has a very large collection of cool effects and transitions that you can use on your videos in just seconds.
  • One of the most important features that you can get is the ability to change the sound of your video and add effects to it to make it clearer and better.
  • You can use this software to create videos from photo collections. These are very nice features

DaVinci Resolve

  • Of course the most important advantage is that the program is completely free. This is one of the most unusual features of the time.
  • You can easily download the software from the official website without any complicated steps. This is another important feature.
  • Despite the many tools of the program, the process of using it is simple but not complicated at all.
  • After you are done with the use process, you will be able to export your videos in the highest quality possible.
  • The program is compatible with all types of media files, whatever their source.
  • You can easily cut videos in just a few seconds using the program.
  • Sure, video editing is the main feature, but it really is a professional editing process.
  • You can adjust the color of your video for the best visual quality.

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Through the program, users can download various videos with the video editing interface. In addition, you can use the Shift + 2 shortcut to switch between videos, making it easier to quickly navigate.
  • There may be some differences in the volume levels between all the embedded videos, but the software can handle and adjust all these levels instead of causing distortions and inconsistencies in the video.
  • This program allows you to create a series of tags on the timeline to place titles and create blank tracks for titles as needed.
  • Syncing with all Creative Cloud software is easy and straightforward.
  • In addition, the multi-camera system improves video editing.
  • All previous changes can be saved. What we mean here is not a simple change that the user can make quickly, but multiple steps required for the designer to integrate and add many effects.
  • With this program, you can create an infinite number of layers and deal with various import and export options as well as the ability to create unlimited files with multiple projects. This means that you can have many different items in one project. Video only.
  • The program contains a large number of different and different templates that you can easily download and use in different projects or modify and combine them, saving you a lot of effort and time.
  • Besides, Adobe Premiere is much cheaper than Adobe After Effects.

WonderShare Filmora

  • Export your edited videos to the most used formats
  • Import audio, video, and photos in different formats
  • Arrange the added items on the timeline
  • Add transition effects, filters, typography, and more
  • Share videos directly to YouTube
  • Webcam video recording
  • desktop recording
  • sound speed control
  • Supports animated text
  • The interface of Shotcut is easy to use and one of the best in terms of settings, look and design.
  • It supports many filters for videos, such as lighting support, color blur, highlight glow, saturation, and many types of video filters.
  • Shotcut mainly supports various keyboard shortcuts, which makes using the program and the computer itself easier, easier and more convenient.
  • Shot Cut is a free video format converter that can convert to and from multiple video formats and can convert batches of videos together in batch.
  • The software with all its various tools and services is free and ready to be used by users as soon as it is downloaded.


  • Many tools for editing video and audio files
  • User-oriented user interface with hardware console
  • Support for many formats and codecs
  • Ability to synchronize video and audio recording at any speed
  • Compatible with many plug-ins
  • User can add effects to audio or video recordings
  • Save the end of the work video in the revision history
  • Multiple users can collaborate on projects
  • It has Unicode support.

VideoStudio Ultimate

  • We offer a wide range of advanced creative tools to turn your photos and videos into stunning movies.
  • Supports screen recording and direct-to-disc DV or HDV capture.
  • It offers a very cool interface with a very clean design and all the features are very well organized.
  • Simply drag and drop photos and videos to create great looking videos and slideshows.
  • It offers a rich set of premium effects, powerful color grading, customizable 3D titles, new face effects, and animated AR stickers.
  • It includes GIF and video masking tools to turn your best moments into unique movies.
  • It offers multi-camera 360-degree video editing and split-screen video, bringing endless creative possibilities.
  • The ability to add titles such as motion titles, improve colors, and apply transitions between clips.
  • You can add a perfect audio clip to your video to make it unforgettable.
  • It offers hundreds of transitions, subtitle animations, and other video effects to create stunning animations with stop motion animations.
  • The ability to merge, sync and edit footage from multiple cameras and choose the angle you want to view while playing the video.
  • You can save your edited videos in different file formats like AVI, MOV, WMV and MP4.

 Camtasia Studio

  • Professional Video Editing: Quickly edit videos, add media from your own library, and combine different visual elements for professional results.
  • High-quality image processing software: visualize your computer screen in a quality that suits you, with many functions to know which windows you want to see in the video and what steps you need to explain.
  • Effects and Filters: Various effects, transition effects and special filters provided by Camtasia Studio Arabic that you can add to your work. They are always added in new releases.
  • Tools and Plugins: One of the best features that Camtasia Studio offers is the tools and plugins that get the job done really fast, as if they were designed by the experts in the business.
  • Add Watermarks: Save rights for free with Camtasia Studio and add watermarks to your YouTube channel, site name, and more.
  • Add and combine audio: You can add live audio through the microphone or add audio that is already on your device via Camtasia Studio to give a description and make your video clearer and easier.
  • Save and Share: Multiple options to save your clips with the appropriate extension, instant and easy publishing to YouTube and other popular networking and uploading sites.

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