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War Planet Online : Global Conquest for PC

 War Planet Online: Global Conquest for PC The game is very easy, especially since it is available in an Arabic language version.

War Planet Online : Global Conquest for PC

War Planet Online : Global Conquest information

War Planet Online is a strategy video game in which you have to construct buildings to improve your base of operations and develop your army, but in the process you have to fight against many other players online with the same goal.
During the game, all structures must be managed in real time and interact with all players on the same server. The maps on this server represent the actual layout of the entire planet.

Since it is a real-time game, you will need to monitor the movement of players next to the map and group them with others to get your clan's glow. Our ability to manage and negotiate intelligently (or counterattack in a timely manner) on our resources depends on our ability to survive in the long term.

Features of War Planet Online : Global Conquest

  •  3D graphics and best of the best graphics for the game of its kind
  •  The most powerful challenge with millions of players online
  •  Talk with friends and alliance members in instant chat to agree on tactical attacks and game strategies
  •  Great game to test your planning skills
  •  Real war simulation
  •  Play and fight in the future. Great development of weapons and military equipment
  • Build realistic military units inspired by modern realistic war units such as artillery, task forces, tanks and explosive weapons
  •  Ask your allies to strengthen their defenses to counter the attacks of invaders and players
  •  Spy on other players' military bases
  • Own the most powerful army, improve your offensive strategy and always launch attacks
  •  Strategic attacks can be carried out through alliances to attack members of enemy alliances. Loot resources and occupy the map
  •  Totally free. Available on multiple devices (PC / Laptop / Windows Phone / Android / iOS)
  •  Download the game and play in Arabic now. Full Arabic support in the game. settings and all

War Planet Online : Global Conquest download link

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