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Top 10 car games for iPhone and Android

  Android and iPhone game platforms have expanded greatly in the past few years, developing powerful games for Android phones and iPhone, and bringing the gaming experience we enjoy on PC and PlayStation platforms to mobile platforms. I called the gaming company.

Racing Master

  •  Race in more than 100 licensed vehicles from the best international brands
  •  Control the race in unparalleled style, surrounded by the roar of engines. Fully customize your car, including tires, colors and many other features.
  •  Using Unreal Engine 4 to design the game makes your game more attractive.
  •  Create multiplayer racetracks and stadiums with interactive and powerful noises reminiscent of legendary engines.
  •  Play from the last saved location and save the last saved list.
  •  When searching for a specific location, you can move the time slider there.
  •  Easily create custom groups for your organization.
  •  Supports playlists contained in groups.
  •  Participate in prestigious races. Large selection of luxury cars and supercars. Customizing the car from the outside and the inside. vehicle technical upgrades; 3D visuals at their best.
  •  You can download Racing Master for Android using the direct link below.


Asphalt nitro 2

  • It gives the spirit of suspense and excitement while playing.
  • It features high quality images and graphics.
  • Earn unlimited money
  • This online changing event will increase your enthusiasm.
  • Nitrogen can be used to speed up your car.
  • It features convenient and easy-to-touch player controls.
  • free download.
  • Her voice is sexy and excited.
  • The game is based on different modes and different modes that the player has to choose from.


Ace Racer

  •  Extremely high graphics add a realistic touch to the game
  • The idea of ​​2-Ace Racer is not new but it is implemented in a new way
  •  Add aggressive elements to car racing games and add more fun to ace racer games than other games of this genre
  •  Ace racer game based on realistic physics
  •  In-game color consistency is very close to in-game Cyberpunk
  •  All these features but the size of the game Ace Racer is small compared to the features in it
  •  The game is multiplayer. This means that you can play with your friends and friends around the world
  • The sound effects of 8-Ace Racer are very good and add to the atmosphere of the game

Rebel Racing

  • The game is free and does not require a subscription or download fee.
  • 3D graphics and graphics. Show details.
  • Various cars from world famous brands.
  • You can easily control car driving through the buttons on the phone screen.
  • Use the turbo to activate your car's speed when it is full during the race.
  • With the multiplayer mode, you can participate in global races with players from different countries around the world.


Mario Kart Tour

Mario games have great graphics and attractive visual effects to accompany the game, making the player experience as perfect as possible.

Table Top Racing: World Tour

  •  Split screen mode for offline players (requires two compatible controllers)
  •  Online multiplayer combat race for eight players
  •  Nine unique game modes spread across tournaments. Combat, Drift, Time Trial, Hotlap, Pursuit, Eliminator, Pure, Checkpoint and Overtake.
  •  32 bench racing tracks in 8 themed locations (4 tracks per location)
  •  16 cool and fully expandable miniature racing cars based on the world's most famous cars!
  •  Over 25 hours of gameplay! Unless you're good at it...
  •  8 cunning power-up weapons designed to attack and slow down enemies or defend yourself. Most of them can also be used defensively.
  •  6 unique "weapon wheels" to help you beat the competition and find hard-to-find coins.
  •  39 Achievements in Google Play and 9 Leaderboards - including the most requested feature from the first game, the "Drift" high score table!
  •  An exclusive funky soundtrack from Juice Records producer Wes Smith


GRID Autosport

  • Today's game has been rated as one of the best and best racing games of all time for various reasons mentioned in the article.
  • A wonderful and intense new world of hugely popular motorsports has opened.
  • Very interesting and engaging races with in-game partners to meet sponsors.
  • By downloading GRID Autosport you can enjoy building your racing career.
  • It provides artificial intelligence that can compete with the smartest drivers.
  • You can try different new racing styles.


Traffic Tour Classic‏

  • Unlimited car racing games
  • No fuel or time limits
  • Various camera modes: first person, third person, driver camera, etc.
  • Several control modes: tilt, buttons or steering wheel
  • 5 game modes: multiplayer, endless, career, time trial and free play
  • 100 missions in career mode
  • 5 realistic environments: highway, city, desert, rain, snow, day and night
  • 16 classic cars with customizable colors and wheels
  • Collect or buy blueprints to unlock cars
  • Improve vehicle functions: speed, maneuverability, braking
  • Various traffic vehicles: trucks, buses, vans, cars, vans, SUVs
  • Challenge friends and players from all over the world in multiplayer races.
  • Ability to use Nitrous (Nitro) feature in multiplayer mode


Need for Speed No Limits

  • You can play alone or with others.
  • Car racing games provide users with more fun and excitement.
  • This version of the game features high quality graphics.
  • Nitrogen can be used to catch cars while racing.
  •  We use the latest international racing brands such as "Sparrow, BMW, McLaren, Porsche" and other luxury vehicles.
  • A permanent internet connection is required to play the game online with other users.
  • An adventure, police chase and nature simulation game where you can win multiple races to reach the top, buy the latest cars and upgrade your cars.
  • The game has a story mode which contains 5 stories in 5 different outlaw game modes.

The Last Adventurer

  • Very nice visual effect.
  • Immersive and exciting soundtrack.
  • The story of the game is great.
  • The game is easy to use.
  • Games without internet.

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