Top 10 apps for iPhone and Android

  The Apple App Store and Google Play Store contain many free and paid iPhone and Android apps. Because each application offers users different services, requirements, and ideas. This is why apps have become the main purpose of having iPhone and Android phones for many people. 

1PASSWORD application

  • Store security cards, passwords, bank accounts, passports or anything important and sensitive in an encrypted and protected place.
  • Share passwords via AirDrop, messages, and email
  • Automatically generate difficult and long passwords and store them in the app
  • Automatic login to the site
  • Cloud sync passwords between iPhone, Mac and Windows devices
  • AES 256-bit data encryption
  • The auto-lock feature of the app lock ensures that thieves can't access your passwords if your device is stolen

STRAVA application

  • This application saves all information related to the sports activities that you have done in terms of the distance traveled and the time spent in this activity in addition to the number of calories burned via the GPS positioning system.
  • This app will help you motivate yourself to exercise, stay fit and make sporting activities more fun and rewarding.
  • It is a social network for athletes to share their sporting activities, allowing them to create groups for dating and exchanging experiences among themselves to benefit from the experiences of others.

Calculator X app

  • There are two modes, simple normal mode and professional scientific mode.
  • There are many themes available to make your app look more beautiful.
  • Scientific and mathematical advantages.
  • More than 25 types of conversions between units.
  • Currency conversion and support for more than 150 world currencies.
  • Support for 24 different languages.

Bgram app

  •  Create your own chat tabs supporting png icons.
  • Live Chat: Create a new folder, set it as Live Chat, and it will appear as a sidebar and tab.
  •  Chat (mark as read, deleted, etc.) and bulk actions for contacts.
  •  Automatically merge sent messages into one line.
  •  Check that audio, video, GIFs, and stickers are being sent.
  •  Change interface font in chat view and ttf settings.
  •  Hidden chat with telegram password protection and fingerprint login.
  •  Automatic proxy selection based on ping and connection speed.
  •  TOR built-in.
  •  Forward messages without quotes, edit them, or add comments to media.
  •  Copy part of the message.
  •  Improved formatting panel with quotes and responses to selected phrases.
  •  Create links in two clicks.
  •  Pinned chat limit increased to 100.
  •  All types of media shared by profile.
  •  Photos in chat to view in full screen.
  •  Hide the bottom panel of the channel.
  •  Search button for each chat.
  •  Save to cloud and edit button next to chat message.
  •  Click to copy the link and username.
  •  Reply and save to the cloud (in channels) Swipe left, swipe right.
  •  "Forward and delete the original message", save selection after multiple forwards, and more.
  •  Quick access to features by long clicking on different interface elements.
  •  Quick selection (in 3 clicks) of message groups and batch actions (save to cloud, copy link).
  •  Long press to take action in the search results: in the chat avatar - copy the username, in the message - copy the link to the message.
  •  Search for replies to messages in all chats (press and hold the search button on the main screen).
  •  Create a link to the user's profile without the username.
  •  Mention by name (without the @) using custom text.
  •  Find replies to messages and user messages in groups.
  •  View user group administrator privileges.
  •  Easy group management: clear from deletion, access avatar retention history, profile buttons, context menu items, move history in batch.
  •  Send to the cloud to back up your settings
  •  Export link list for all chat tabs.

Video Lite app

  • A great feature of this app is that it's a very similar program to the original YouTube app, so you don't need it at all.
  • Video Lite is a small program that does not take up much RAM.
  • Video Lite is one of those programs that stands out for its small size.
  • Due to its small size, the application does not consume power or battery.
  • Video Lite allows users to change the color of the app's theme.
  • Video Lite displays a floating window that the user can control outside of the program.
  • You can watch the video playing in the background even when the phone screen is off.
  • Video Lite allows you to subscribe to any channel without logging into the app with your Google account. The original YouTube app does not have this service at all.
  • Video Lite supports the ability to play videos in very high resolution up to 4K, with the important condition that the user's phone also supports 4K resolution.
  • Video Lite supports many languages, including Arabic.
  • One of the unique features of this app over the original YouTube program is that it shows absolutely no annoying ads.

Snapseed app 

  • 29 updated add-ons - lots of all-new trendy filters
  • Enable other options such as blur removal, brushes and textures, selective filter brushes, and HDR.
  • You can now open special files such as JPEGs and RAW files
  • Save the settings you applied to one of your photos and then click the Later button to apply them to a new photo

Live Wallpapers ME app

  •  Sunrise views wallpaper with unique colors and rainbow theme.
  • Flower Clock Live Wallpaper app provides animated flower clock display which looks very cool.
  •  3D animated leaves wallpapers and allows you to customize them.
  • Circuitry wallpaper app provides beautifully animated background of electronic circuits and allows you to choose and control your favorite colors.
  • This app provides 3D Weather Live Wallpaper, an animated 3D weather wallpaper app that displays weather conditions in a very strange way.
  • The app offers very cool wallpapers of Space Galaxy, planets, sun and animated space for you to choose what you like.
  • Ocean HD Wallpaper app provides Pacific ocean backgrounds in different shapes of animated fishes, sharks and bubbles. very special background.
  • This app offers you another animated wallpaper, Device Info Live Wallpapers, but it directly displays all information about your phone instead of colors and images.

Google Maps application

  • Google Maps is one of the best services on the web. It provides maps of the world in high quality and updates via satellite if there are any changes to these locations, allowing users to navigate between them. See cities and streets around the world at the touch of a button.
  • The service also allows users to specify their current location and place of residence, as well as describe exactly where they would like to go. This is a great feature that makes it easy for users to know their exact location.
  • This service is designed to be easy for users to handle, as they can use the mouse to change their location on the map and easily zoom in or out on the map to the desired location.
  • The service also supports something called local search, which allows users to get the name or address of any place in the world, and the results when searching are displayed on the right side of the map. It's also displayed in the info.
  • Google Maps has also added route information and destinations that users need to follow to reach their desired destination.
  • With the development of smartphone and tablet platforms, Google Maps has launched a new update for Android devices. Includes the unique ability to display disruptive projects, incidents, or events as users search. This feature is by suggesting alternative routes to the user to avoid traffic jams.
  • Google Maps is one of the most important services for users, especially journalists working in the accident department. This is because you can know where and when the accident occurred which will make your job easier.
  • By showing the most important locations of various restaurants, cafes, and shopping venues, the service can also display all places of interest automatically without users having to search for them themselves.
  • Google Maps services offer what is called a turn-by-turn service that allows users to see specific points on the road so that they reach their destination quickly and easily.

Duolingo app

  • Professional graphical interface for all users.
  • I work to make learning a foreign language easy and fun.
  • We offer foreign language combinations of more than 15 international languages.
  • It is built on a fun, interesting and never boring approach.
  • It helps you to learn and use English fluently.
  • Develop your listening, pronunciation, writing and reading skills in any international language.
  • It contains more than 4,000 English words and 9,000 sentences.
  • He has a unique style that is completely different from traditional education.
  • We have a professional group dedicated to teaching foreign languages.
  • Offer words of encouragement on a daily basis.
  • Helps you learn English grammar in an easy and fun way.
  • You can learn English without an internet connection.
  • Helps beginners and professionals to learn foreign languages.
  • It helps you to remember and understand groups of words frequently.
  • Supports a group of international languages, including Arabic.

Prayer times program and Qibla direction determination

  • The program also supports all Android and iPhone mobile devices.
  • This software is free and can be downloaded without paying any money.
  • It is an easy-to-use program with a simple and inexpensive interface.
  • The program is small in size and does not take up much space on your device.
  • Supports all operating systems of different devices.
  • It is one of the permitted programs and does not conflict with other applications, so you can download it easily and quickly from the hardware store.
  • The program does not require a personal account to work with.
  • It is a very accurate program for determining the direction of the qiblah for prayer.
  • This program supports different languages, and the Arabic language is one of these languages.
  • No internet connection is required to run the program.
  • The program includes notable groups of famous muezins with unique voices.
  • The program provides azan service.
  • This software does not require rooting of your mobile device.
  • Qibla direction can be determined in any country, so this program supports all countries.
  • This program provides the ability to stop the call to prayer by pressing the side button of the phone.
  • The program can find the nearest mosque to where you are.
  • The program also provides Hijri and Gregorian calendar displays.

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