Top 10 computer games

 Sometimes we like to entertain ourselves, challenge and excitement at the same time, and the best thing that combines the two is games, especially creative games that rely on a lot of excellence and not imitation, many of which depend only on imagination, while others rely heavily on simulating reality . In this article, we have compiled the best games to entertain you and get adventure and fun through it.

1- Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero begins on a dark night on a dry, winding and isolated Kentucky road. All you hear is the whir of the fork-road breeze, the hum of old truck engines and the occasional automobile darting across the road. In the last rays of the red sun, the shadow of a remote gas station building in the middle of the desert shines as a beacon for those who have lost their way. Looks like we've lost our way too. The only way to find your way is to take this old truck to a huge and awesome horse statue.

2- warframe game

  • Warframe is completely free to download on your computer, which is why it has gained so much popularity among Arabs.
  • Warframe makes it one of the most exciting, thrilling, and one of the most exciting video games out there.
  • Warframe is easy to play with mouse and keyboard, it makes it easy and simple to navigate your computer, you can also play online with your friends.
  • Warframe is a multiplayer gun that makes the game very interesting.
  • Download warframe game and in it you will find many interesting enemies.
  • Download Warframe and the computer graphics and sound effects will make you feel right inside.
  • Warframe's loading system is great because it features a third-person view of your character.
  •    Compatible with all operating devices: ps, pc, windows, android, xbox, playstation.
  •    One of the coolest games here. This is my favorite type of game.
  • Warframe has minimal running requirements, which makes it suitable for user, device, and company optimization.

3- They Hunger game

This game is produced by Black Widow Games and built on the GoldSrc engine.
The design of the game is very similar to Half-Life and people depend on that game, so it is very dependent on the soundtrack and many weapons.

4- stardewvalley game

  • You can cook lots of delicious meals and craft useful items to help you keep playing.
  • Over 100 cooking and crafting recipes that temporarily boost your skills, running speed, and combat prowess.
  • You can mate and breed with him and share your farming life with him, and you can attract up to 12 individuals.
  • When you download Stardew Valley, you will encounter new and dangerous monsters in different in-game environments.
  • With over 30 unique characters in Stardew Valley, you'll have no problem finding new friends.
  • Many unique and fun missions and activities in the modern world of Stardew Valley.
  • Players can work together to build thriving farms, share resources, and improve their communities.

5- Hotline Miami game

  • Sweet artwork
  • Satisfying game
  • Stunning soundtrack
  • Its charm

6- Dragon Age II

  • A new combat system that allows for more strategic and dynamic combat
  • Possibility to stop the game and give orders to the party at any time
  • Different skills and abilities that each character uses in battle
  • New characters, each with their own backgrounds, personalities, and abilities, including Hawkeye's allies
  • A complex political landscape that players must navigate and choices that affect the progression of the story
  • Improved character development, with each character reacting in different ways to the player's choices and actions.

7- Papers, Please

Leaves, Please is an indie mini-game where you have to stop people from crossing the border into your country. What makes this game unique is the shape of the main weapon, which is a passport stamp instead of a machine gun.

In your role as a customs broker, you must check the passports and visas of each person who comes to the border and decide whether or not to allow entry. How is that? its very easy. Documents should be checked for errors, inconsistencies, or office work problems. The important thing is that no one is allowed in people who shouldn't be allowed in... and no citizen allowed outside gets trapped.

8- Undertale

  • Great indie RPG game.
  • Lots of levels to play.
  • Attractive retro look of the game.
  • Very touching and rich story.
  • There are about 5 dogs in this game.

9- Cities: Skylines game

Cities Skylines is an easy-to-use game that doesn't take up a lot of memory or resources. It is small in size and free to download. It works seamlessly on all devices and has no intrusive ads or restrictions. This game is highly rated and available for download without trial period. Languages ​​like Arabic and English are well supported.

10- Europa Universalis IV

  • Through this game, players make their own decisions without waiting for the game to provide them with specific tasks that they need to perform.
  • Try a new combat system for different king powers.
  • There are many cool characters that always appear on the playing screen and support the player.
  • The presence of a full topographic map in addition to support for dynamic effects.
  • The game is quite realistic and allows the player to search for and help the rebels, take revenge from their enemies, even marry a royal marriage and more.
  • Download the game for free without any additional download charges.
  • This version offers a great gaming experience with graphics that render graphics on high quality displays.
  • The player has full control of the global trading system, which allows him to channel the world's wealth into the vaults.
  • Cool sound effects have been integrated into the game to make the game look more realistic.
  • There are many tasks that the player tries to accomplish during the gameplay.

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