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Top 10 games of 2023 for iPhone and Android

  Download now the 10 best new games for mobile phones 2023. Just as we see very powerful and high-quality games on Android phones and iPhones.

Warframe Mobile

Warframe Mobile is a sci-fi multiplayer online game where mixing and matching gear is the main fun. At the start of Warframe's TENNOCON 2021, game developers will showcase Warframe operations in the mobile sector, breaking all platform restrictions and sharing new achievements in making data interoperable across all platforms.

Phantasy of Esula game

Phantasy of Esula is a 1.5 GB offline game available for Android phones. Phantasy or Esula is a sci-fi shooter with a unique design and an open world. It talks about Isola, but not only resources, but also many dangers and monsters. You will move from one place to another and reach your goal, you will have to eliminate monsters to prevent your world from collapsing.

لعبة Into the Dead 2 Legacy

Into the Dead 2 is a first-person action game in which you play a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. Unlike the first version of the saga, this game has an extensive story mode where you can learn more about your character at the end.

The gameplay of Into the Dead 2 is very simple, you can control the movements of your character on the left side of the screen, you can shoot on the right side, use these controls to dodge or kill the zombies.There is one shot to get to it. Target.

Between levels, you can use the money you earn to buy and unlock different weapons and improvements. In the beginning, there are only pistols and rifles, but as you play, you will find other weapons including different pistols, machine guns and more. In addition, you can improve it as you progress.

Into the Dead 2 is an action game, featuring simple but addictive gameplay and quite amazing graphics. The story mode of the game is also very interesting, with a lot of branching events, and many different things set in the same stories that you can explore. apocalyptic world.

The King of Fighters ARENA

The King of Fighters ARENA is a fighting game for Android that pits you against players from all over the world. Beat all your opponents and become the wrestling champion.

The King of Fighters ARENA offers an exciting online fighting experience with controls optimized for Android devices. To win, you can collect the strongest fighters to create your own team and defeat all your opponents. The King of Fighters ARENA allows you to add iconic characters from the story, such as Orochi and Rugal, to the same team.

Combat in The King of Fighters ARENA takes place in real time, so you will need to take care of not only your own movements, but also those of other players. You will face each other in a battle where one mistake can cost you victory. Compete with players of your level from all over the world, fight for victory, improve the King of Fighters Arena, do whatever it takes to prove that you are the best and climb the ranks. Please raise.

Of course, the real strength of King of Fighters Arena lies in its powerful combos that make every fight full of action and spectacle. Whether you are a fan of the saga or just love fighting games, you cannot miss The King of Fighters ARENA.

Dead Raid - Zombie Shooter 3D game

Do you like shooting games with guns? Do you want to test your real shooting skills? Are you ready for the real zombie apocalypse? Then this first person shooter game is made for you! Enjoy survival in this first person shooter game.

The city fell on bad times and all of its inhabitants died. You are the only one who does not have the virus. Do not think that the worst is over and you can relax. Now you have a second mission to survive in this zombie game. The only way to survive is to kill zombies. Then save your life. It's close: put your ears to the ground. It's time to act! Start the zombie defense mission.

Now the real survival game has begun and you want the undead. Please choose your weapon responsibly. This is your chance to survive The game has many weapons to choose from that every sniper will envy: shotguns, shotguns and pistols. What you take is up to you. Get new weapons in every level. Unusual options such as braces also await you. You'd be surprised if a stupid zombie can think. Choose your firearms and plunge into a tsunami of real zombies.

Better not to enter a shelter, tower or any other shelter and be in a scary zombie base. Be brave and shoot zombies! Aim and shoot like a real sniper. Make your shooting the last thing these walking dead remember before they are defeated.

Ninja Turtles: Homecoming

The game comes under the name Ninja Turtles: Homecoming for Android and iPhone. The size of the game is 2 GB and it is available online. Classic arcade fighting and adventure game for phones. In this game, players save New York and the entire planet from Shredder and his minions. Another feature of the game is that each turtle has its own unique skills. Transform into a unique muscle man with new superpowers. Brothers Donatello and Michelangelo explore New York and use the magical powers of the ninja to battle new villains. Most importantly, the game is world famous on consoles, and a mobile version is being developed.

This is the game in our hands to revive the classic gameplay. Give players a real combat experience and rediscover the taste of old games. This is Ninja Turtles: Home an early version of Coming, now available on Android in China. Players will not only defeat enemies but also roam the streets of New York. Of course, there are also boss battles. Perhaps the ninja needs to upgrade and unlock new skills, compared to other Ninja Turtles games on mobile, and this is what makes it unique in terms of story and graphics. The game is currently in beta so we recommend that you try it because you will like it.

Ninja Assassin - Stealth Game

  • Authentic ancient Japan, open world 3D city models and AAA game scenes
  • Authentic old Japanese props (helmets, samurai swords, grenades, guns and weapons)
  • Kyoto-style city (castle, torii, shrine, temple, village, river, bamboo, field, building)
  • 20 hidden skill moves in Katana
  • 3D realistic samurai ninja face model
  • Swimming, climbing, grenades and stealth system
  • Beautiful old Japanese open world background music
  • Fun and exciting levels
  • Smart Samurai AI (Roam, Listen, Watch, Attack, Find, Find)
  • Samurai can hear your footsteps and your noises
  • Beautiful graphics and fantasy style scenes with shadows
  • Master the strategy of the great characters

CarX Street game

  • Free.
  • driving speed.
  • Continuous updates of the car.
  • Available for Android and iPhone devices.
  • You can play on your computer.
  • similar applications

Project stars game

  • No internet connection is required to join and experience the adventure within the game.
  • The game has different game modes.
  • It contains an endless open world.
  • The ability to play with others over the Internet.
  • Excellent first class graphics and graphics.
  • Play freely in an open world with no restrictions or missions you don't want to do.
  • Free for everyone in all countries. If it is not available in your country, you can download it from an external link.
  • The game contains different levels to increase enthusiasm, excitement and suspense.
  • You are free to choose what kind of character you want to play.

Call of duty Warzone Mobile game

Previously considered a defining element of the game, battle royale shootouts are now one of the novelties that players can experience. The new version of the mobile game allows players to take part in some of the most epic battles ever seen in a previous game. At the same time, a new game mode will be launched where players will fight alongside 120 elite warriors. The arena will be expanded to accommodate more players instead of the usual 100-man knockout match. This presents a unique hurdle that shooters must overcome, as the competition becomes longer and the win rate decreases to become the ultimate champion.

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