Top 10 offline games for iPhone and Android

 We present to you the 10 best offline games in a small size that work on all Android phones and iPhone 2022, and download the 10 best offline games without internet for Android and iPhone 

Bushido Saga Samurai Nightmare game 

  •  Uncover deadly plots against your boss!
  •  Swipe the screen to mow enemies. Controls at your fingertips!
  •  Fight dozens of minions like only an expert samurai can!
  •  Weapons: Define your playstyle: fast slash with katana, long slash with naginata, precise hit with longbow, lunge with spear, smash with sledgehammer, quick throw with shuriken. !
  •  Equip the right weapons to fight against different types of enemies. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses.
  •  Defeat powerful and fearsome bosses.
  •  Fight against various enemies such as Ashigaru, Samurai, Wako, Shinobi, Ronin, apprentices, martial artists, and more!
  •  Loot dozens of amazing combinations of armor, legendary blades, and legendary swords.
  •  Skillful reflexes and timing will turn you into a skilled warrior.
  •  Attack and defend at the right time to get opponents off their guard.
  • Tactical positioning is the key to victory. Don't be surrounded!

Dig&Dungeons game

  • The game is very interesting and you can take part in the boss fights and win them.
  • The game contains dark dungeons that contain many powerful monsters that instill fear in the heart.
  • The game is full of caves, soft drinks, and dungeons that make the game look very real and realistic.
  • The game includes all the tricks of a strategic dungeon hunter, just crawl and idle.
  • The game helps you level up your heroes to find treasures and earn more points for development.
  • The game allows you to make sure that your heroes have enough health, gear, and items to survive the dungeon disaster before starting any action.
  • The game has an easy to use control system, it's very cool, so feel free to try it out.

World War: Fight For Freedom

  • War Games - In today's gaming world, there are many interesting games that you can play at any time. From action to racing, RPG to puzzle, and more games you can play right now. But if you didn't find enough war games, now you can find plenty of them. There are all kinds of exciting fighting games to enjoy right now. But World War Fight for Freedom allows you to enjoy a unique game.
  • Multiple Tanks - Multiple fighting games for action packed scenes. The game allows you to unlock different types of tanks, machine guns, and different weapons for your fun. Long range missiles, cannons and different machines are available to help you eliminate your enemies. If you love action packed war games then this is for you because you come first.
  • Support - Take down multiple enemies at once with airstrikes, missiles, infantry, repair kits, and more. You can enjoy a lot of support here when fighting enemies. There are all kinds of cool weapons here, so just pick one and point it at your enemies. If you are a fan of FPS games, you will find this game in no time.
  • Realistic Gameplay The game offers 3D graphics with realistic gameplay. Enemies will shoot at you from multiple angles and move forward, so you have to aim accurately. The game offers excellent graphics and physics that allow you to bring out your real skills. The controls are simple and you don't have to move around to fight.
  • Reef - World War Fight For Freedom Apk has a campaign where you can enjoy fighting all kinds of enemies on land, sea and air. Various weapon resources and machines are available here. The game puts you in charge of a defensive line where you can face your enemies. It will help you to get rid of the enemies as quickly and accurately as possible. The game allows you to aim and fight with weapons in a variety of situations.

LIMBO game

  • The huge success achieved by the game on other platforms reflected positively on Android, especially since it was a unique game of its kind.
  • It is available for all smart device users just because it is available for different operating systems.
  • This game combines action, mystery, horror and adventure in one template.
  • The game comes with HD graphics and 2D graphics. Especially since the action takes place in a strange world made up of two colors: black and white.
  • The game has different missions that require the player to be smart to pass all the obstacles.
  • The game is just like a horror movie, it captures the attention of the player in all its stages and provides the player with a breathtaking atmosphere.

 King arthur game

  • The game is offered completely free of charge and you can download King Arthur for Android.
  • Find and collect different items while completing missions and competing in matches. We build a kingdom
  • Gather an army of 10 powerful heroes and form a team. Automatic fire fighting
  • Join and win battles against enemy forces to capture resources and land
  • Collect valuables like Caliburn, Excalibur and Holy Grail to craft and upgrade weapons and strengthen your army.
  • Challenge your friends and other players to create in-game interactions. Earn a lot and appear in the ranking of the best players

Go To Car Driving 4 game

Go To Car Driving 4 is an action-adventure game where you help a member of the mafia complete dozens of missions throughout the city. The streets you are moving on are full of dangers and you have to be very careful to avoid accidents. Go To Car Driving 4 allows you to ride any car on the asphalt. This saves a lot of time as you don't have to walk to specific locations while traveling. Either way, it's important to remember that you have an intuitive control system that allows you to move from one place to another just by tapping the direction of the joystick.

The graphics of Go To Car Driving 4 are very impressive and is probably the number one feature. The graphics of the game are well designed in 3D, so you can get to know the streets and buildings of this city quite realistically. Download Go To Car Driving 4 for Android APK file to experience the exciting gameplay of this open world title. Take control of your mafia members and roam all areas of the city, completing all missions to power them up to the end.

Impostor vs Zombie 2: Doomsday 

  • One touch" play to control the entire game
  • Shoot a zombie
  • Zombie defense
  • Boss fights
  • Endless fun
  • Weapons, allies and more
  • Amazing graphics and sound effects
  • Lively characters, bring real feeling

Dawn break origin game 

Download last version Dawn Break -Origin- Apk Mod + OBB Data for Android devices with direct link
Dawn Break -Origin- is an action Android game from Auer Media u0026 Entertainment that you can install and enjoy on your Android device. Fight your destiny. On the day of the eclipse, a black shadow appeared and a mysterious woman descended from the sky.
An excerpt from the main story, where the epic battle begins, where the whole story begins.

Spider Hero 2 - Spider fighter game

Spider Hero 2 is the second installment in this action-adventure video game about a young man who could be the grandfather of the famous Marvel hero, Spider-Man. However, this time his powers do not include throwing cobwebs or wearing his iconic suit, but his ability to fight and defeat evil on the streets with his heroic punches.

The most important feature of Spider Hero 2 is undoubtedly the visual physics. So players don't have to be game masters, just press the only attack button in the game to enjoy action packed battles, jumps, spins and other exciting games. To counter the enemies in each level, use the virtual joystick to grapple with them or wait for them to come and tap the punch button to attack them. There is also a jump button that allows you to jump over your opponent to distract them and attack them from behind. After every battle you win, you have the option to invest money to upgrade your hero. Spider Hero 2 is a frantic and fun action game that stands out for its detailed graphics and realistic dynamic physics.

Live Factory: 3D Platformer game 

Download Live Factory: 3D Platformer for Android from the direct link to the latest version. We do our best to present the world of software, games and Android applications, large and small, non-stop around the clock to provide one of the incomparable integrated services. One of the best action games ever.

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